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How to use

We have tried to make our Projections table as easy to use as possible - the best players have the highest numbers and are highlighted in green, the worst players have the lowest numbers and are highlighted in red.

Fixtures - To see the fixture(s) a player has in a particular gameweek hover over their predicted score for that week.

Sorting - The table starts with the player with the best predicted scores for the whole season at the top, but you can sort by any column by clicking on the column heading, e.g. if you would like to see the most expensive players then click the Price column heading (top tip: click again to see the column in reverse order, i.e. the cheapest players).

Basic Filtering - To view players in a particular position or who play for a specific team then click Options and select from the relevant drop-down list. You can also filter by price by dragging the min/max price range markers.

Gameweeks - Projections for the next 4 gameweeks are shown by default, but you can view data for any weeks by clicking Options and using the First/Last Gameweek +/- buttons.

Advanced users

Default filters - We select default filter settings to give good suggestions with minimal effort (e.g. number of games played and chance of playing), but if you want to tinker then these filters are also available. If you cannot find a particular player then try different filter settings - the player may not have played enough or may be injured/suspended.

Form weighting - To allow for form, recent results have more effect on the predictions than matches from months ago, but if you do not think form is an important factor then there is a drop-down list from which you can select Unweighted Predictions.

Additional data - We show the most relevant data on each player, but we have additional data that is hidden by default (e.g. average number of minutes played). To view this additional data (or hide other data) click Show/hide columns and select/deselect the columns you would like to see.

There are more functions than can be described here so just have a click around and see what you discover!